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BioRegenesis Center, NJ

The first ever BioRegenesis Center offering

RASHA upgrades in the Tri-State area! 

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ReEncrypt Your Eternal-Life Potential

Morphogenetic Scalar-Plasma Energy

Reprogramming is not based on the limited perspective or laws of Newtonian physics; rather, it adheres to a much larger set of multidimensional

morphogenetic field physics.

Eternal-Life, scalar energy frequency information speaks to the DNA in its own language, impacting the cells on a quantum level, allowing for the repatterning of our morphogenetic fields surrounding every cell, organ, and system, of the body.

Brain Harmonization

The Base-12 Frequencies are delivered in a way that promotes and achieves brain hemi-syncing. This parasympathetic state is where self-healing starts!

Systematic Sha'Ka'Ra Alignment 

Contrary to what we've been taught, there are 15 total Sha'Ka'Ra's (9 in body, and 6 out of body). Aligning the Sha'Ka'Ra promotes healthy energy flow within, and without, the body to obtain optimal physical and energetic health.